The Sensor Gel Stick: Safely Clean Your Own Sensor

To be released on March 15, 2014 this nifty Sensor Gel Stick is the solution to self-service sensor cleaning, an often intimidating task (and one I’ve personally never had the cojones to try). The Gel Stick is essentially a wand with gel on the end that when stuck to the sensor will pull up dust, dirt and oil which you then transfer to a piece of sticky paper (not included in the kit, but the pack of 20 for $12.99 is available for purchase here).Sensor Gel StickNo residue is left behind, as can be the case with wet cleaning, and the fact that the big service centers are using it should ease any nerves. The Gel Stick will work on any interchangeable lens digital camera – from a compact mirrorless to a full-frame DSLR and is used by many professional service centers, including Leica. It will sell for a $39.99-a bargain considering the cost of having your sensor cleaned by a professional.

You can watch the detailed video below to learn how to use the Sensor Gel Stick:

For even more information on the Sensor Gel Stick, take a look at this ‘How To’ post from Photography Life. Go ahead and pre-order now and get excited at the prospect of worry-free sensor cleaning!

Sources: Photography Life,  PetaPixel

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  • Mikayla

    Has anyone tried this? Was wondering how well it worked?

    • LPTGEmily

      Hi Mikayla! I actually just received mine the other day and plan to try it out tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Nick Nieto

      I got mine a couple weeks ago and it worked great with my 5d Mark II which had a bunch of dust spots. I was very impressed.

    • Michael McNamara

      I saw they were on backorder, so checked Amazon. And they had Chinese knockoffs for about $10 each. The cheap knockoff left residue on the sensor (came off with a Sensor Swab and fluid), so I’m now ordering the real deal. If you want to use a Gel Stick, be sure you get the real one. Not an off-brand.

      • LPTGEmily

        Thanks Michael- that’s good to know!